Ashley Purdum, Director of PR

As written by: Rebecca Lysen, Senior Creative Director

Who has been the biggest influence on her? Who does she look up to as a role model?
Bill Murray, hands down. Once you party with Bill Murray, your life is changed. And who wouldn't want to model their life after Bill Murray's?

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you met her?
This is a girl I want to be friends with. Actually, this is the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She's totally chill and has a great sarcastic wit.

What is one interesting thing about her childhood?
Ashley has the strongest #tbt photo game around. Which leads me to believe her whole childhood was pretty damn interesting. Or, at the very least, it involved a lot of hot '90s fashions and tomboy accessories.

What is most valuable to her?
Without a doubt the Dood. Or maybe His Doodness, or Dooder, or El Dooderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing. But seriously, follow @cliffthedoodle. He's a ridiculously cute Goldendoodle pup and Ashley's pride and joy.

Where are you most likely to find her on a Saturday afternoon?
Definitely at the dog park with Cliff the Doodle or chilling with her dude and the dood at their house upstate in Hudson, New York.

If she could live in any era or point in time, what would it be and briefly why?
Ashley would fit right in in the 1970s. I could see her backstage chilling with the Rolling Stones or Queen.