An Award-Winning Campaign that Got the World Talking about the bahamas

The Bahamas was looking to boost tourism in the off-season by getting a younger demographic buzzing about the islands. We set to work on what would turn out to be an award-winning campaign that included content marketing, social, flash mobs, and traditional PR. 

Our content collected over 100,000 hits in the first week, and our campaign garnered over 4M impressions by the time the sweepstakes winners were announced.

But we didn’t stop there.

The next year, we launched "Bahama Fridays: Lose the Suit", which featured a series of hidden camera videos that brought the fun vibe of The Bahamas into everyday office life. Like the first campaign, we used multiple tactics to reach our audience, but this time we were able to build on an already established fan base.

The results exceeded the previous year’s campaign, garnering increased site traffic, higher view counts, and more sweepstakes entrants - not to mention more visits to The Bahamas.