Breakfast Links: 7.12.17

by Phear Creative

Happy Hump Day!

This week we’re inspired by…

Spotify breaking down barriers for artists affected by the travel ban (and also for our self-perception)

The new Cards Against Humanity expansion packs benefitting women and weed

Better than a swipe? SFMoma will send you art

Train “improvements”

Webby’s list of podcasts to listen to this Summer (while you’re waiting for the train)

Netflix’s early big bets on big data innovation (Alt headline: "mid-00s art-house movies don't respond well to algorithms")

Big trucks! (respect for the production team on this one)

& great excuses for postponing improvements to your brain and your body 

This week’s Spotify playlist is actually us recommending subscribing to Tidal for a month because, like everyone else, we’ve spent the last week and a half listening to Jay Z’s 4:44. Let us know what you’d like to hear in our upcoming Spotify playlists via Twitter.

Have a great week!

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