Breakfast Links: 7.19.17

by Phear Creative

Happy Hump Day!

This week we’re inspired by…

Craft beer’s perceived health benefits versus “the big guys”

This publicist's-dream piece about Carhartt’s enduring appeal and the changing meaning of “working class”

The value of both education and hospitality in Japan

Boozy, frozen coffee

Sobering climate change news

Opening minds through comedy in the South

& our irrational desire for this chicken sweat-shirt

This week’s Spotify playlist comes courtesy of our intern, Max. We’re not sure he was old enough to have lived through half of these songs’ glory the first time around but no one can disagree the 90’s are back (and the 00’s are probably right behind them). Listen to Still a Teenage Dirtbag, follow us on Spotify and let us know what you’d like to hear in our upcoming playlists via Twitter.

Have a great week!

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