As written by: William Goodman, Creative Director

What would his last meal be?
A rack of ribs, smoked in his own Big Green Egg grill.

What was the first thing you noticed about him when you met?
Casey talks a mile a minute, which is only about half as fast as his brain is moving. You immediately get the impression that he’s 10 steps ahead of you at all times. Because he is. I also felt like I knew him from somewhere, though I didn’t. Casey’s that kind of guy. He gives you the feeling that he’s just been waiting for you to arrive.

What does he add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
Casey’s an extraordinary talent. I’ve never worked with anyone with sharper creative instincts. Not even close. So he could be forgiven for being arrogant and aloof. But he isn’t. He likes people too much. He has an easy openness about him and he seems to derive great joy from the company of other people. Sharing ideas, stories and the odd drink
or six.

Has he ever traveled alone to a foreign country?
Casey doesn’t go anywhere alone. He’s a people magnet. Friends, clients, co-workers, rock stars… everyone wants to hang out with Casey. Myself included.

What is their one rule for life?
From my point of view it’s, “Keep after it. Trust your instinct and keep after it.”

What is one interesting thing about his childhood?
His childhood hasn’t ended. Casey dreams up crazy ideas with the enthusiasm of a kid, but now he can actually make them happen in real life.

What is most valuable to him?
Casey is fiercely loyal to his friends, his coworkers and the clients he works with. When he’s on set as a director, it’s incredible how many people on the crew he knows – and has known – for years. Every set is like a Casey McGrath Production Family Reunion.

What does he dread?

What's in his closet that he is most proud of?
Casey has the most outstanding collection of Lucchese Boots I’ve ever seen. And I come from a boot-wearing culture.

If he wasn't doing this, you'd probably find him?
I can’t imagine Casey doing anything else. Ideas come pouring out of him like a fountain. He’s created a place to put those ideas to work.