Ethel Uy, Group Account Director

As written by: Ashley Purdum, Director of PR

What would her last meal be?
Ethel would pick something awesome and unpretentious. Some glorious high/low combination of wings and a nice glass of Sancerre, or Brussels sprouts with bacon and a strong cocktail. And whatever she got, she'd be down to share. It would be a fun meal. 

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you first met her?
She had a welcoming smile and chill vibes. 

What does she add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
Ethel is relentlessly positive and also values everyone's contributions, no matter how small. She is the ultimate cheerleader. 

What drives her crazy?
Do NOT schedule a meeting on top of Ethel's meetings. A) It's rude. B) Google Calendar makes it so easy not to. 

What Superhero or Supervillian would she be?
Katana from Suicide Squad. She's already got the costume. No, seriously.  

Where are you most likely to find her on a Saturday afternoon?
Exploring the city with her husband Erick or visiting her niece and nephew in Pennsylvania. 

Who is her celebrity crush?
Luke Cage, because he's hot and he gets stuff done. 

What is in her closet that she is most proud of?
Something she once wore to dress up for a Comic-Con expo.