Jameson Irish Whiskey: Sine Metu

We’ve had the pleasure of strategically and creatively leading all Jameson through-the-line marketing for the last five years, helping them drive case volume sales 200% in our time on the business. We’ve also conceived and created several new cocktails here in the office. Our research process is nothing if not thorough.

Sine Metu. It translates to Without Fear. The courage to act on your passions. It's the Jameson family motto, since 1780, and the one they still stand by today. It's on their bottle. It's in your heart. It's in every glass.  And we couldn't be prouder of the spot we partnered with Jameson on to launch the Sine Metu campaign in the U.S.. 

Drinking BuddieS

The Drinking Buddies series pays homage to the craft brewers who exemplify devotion to the spirit of their neighborhoods and share Jameson’s passion for craft and quality in the beer they produce.

We began the program with KelSo Beer Company in Brooklyn three years ago, expanding to include Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in New York, Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, and Hilliard's Beer in Seattle last year.

Each brewer was invited to the Jameson distillery in Ireland, and then sent home with Jameson Whiskey barrels to create a limited edition beer inspired by both their experience in Ireland, and their own unique neighborhood.

jameson irish whiskey: us social channels

Supporting our Sine Metu campaign work, Phear Creative has also been the lead in producing all social content for the brand in the US. Since we began creating content for the channels, the U.S. Facebook audience has grown 12%, the U.S. Twitter audience has grown 1800% and the U.S. Instagram audience has grown nearly 500%. 

Best Fest: Making an Unofficial Partnership Official 

What do Donald Fagan, Kristin Wiig, Perry Farrell, Johnny Depp and Ke$ha all have in common?  The Fests!  A one-of-a-kind live music experience inviting artists of all stripes to come together and celebrate the awesomeness of Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Thomas Earl Petty.

Jameson has always played a major supporting role in the Fests. We were around for its genesis; we’ve been in the green room, attended rehearsals and been up on stage. And when we made our partnership official, not only did it make it possible for the Fests to bring their magic to a bigger audience, it also enabled 100% of all ticket proceeds to go directly to the Sweet Relief Foundation, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to Healing Musicians in Need.  

“One of the most jubilant events of the year.” - The New York Times

“An experience that is equal parts concert and celebration.” - Rolling Stone

Jameson & Northside Music Festival: Tapping Influencers to Launch a Whole New Jameson

PRUSA challenged us to launch their latest whiskey, Jameson Black Barrel. Our response was a through-the-line campaign anchored by an experiential program that included a partnership with Brooklyn’s Northside Music Festival. Throughout the course of the four-day festival, we celebrated the people who love us most by giving bartenders, musicians and festivalgoers an unforgettable Jameson experience. The program was such a success that we’re now bringing our experiential and content program to markets across the US.