Jessica Feldman, Director Of New Business

As written by: Michael McNamara, Director of Strategy

What would her last meal be?
Anything from Balthazar in SOHO. That restaurant has produced a lot of great memories for Jess, who grew up in New York City. 

What one album would she like to have on a deserted island?
Jess keeps her playlists a very, very closely guarded secret. One has to wonder what she’s hiding. But she has great taste, so I’m sure it would be something awesome. Like the Space Jam soundtrack.

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you met?
Her laugh. And how smart she was—which you could tell by what she laughed at.

Besides her cellphone, what is one thing she never leaves home without?
An enormous bag that she could live in, if necessary.

What does she dread?
Empty subway cars. And packed subway cars.

Finish this sentence: She has a tendency to....
Tell you exactly what she thinks.

What makes her happy?
Seeing the Rangers with her Dad.

What is the most surprising thing about her?
That she hates going to see movies in theaters.

What's her greatest gift?

What person do you think she admires most?
Her father.

When her career is done, what will people say?

Your favorite thing she has ever said?
"Mike, you are right and I am wrong."