Kat Logan, Senior Strategist

As written by: Abby Paige, Assistant Account Executive

What makes her happy?
Hockey! Specifically, the New York Rangers.

Has she ever traveled alone to a foreign country?
She's from Australia currently living in the U.S. So yes, plenty of times. 

What would her last meal be?

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you first met her?
Her shoe game is always on point. 

Outside of work, what experience shaped who she has become?
Growing up in Australia has undoubtedly contributed to her easy-going demeanor. 

What one album would she like to have on a deserted island?
Beyonce's Lemonade.

Finish this sentence: She has a tendency to....
"Like" her favorite Patrick Swayze movies on Facebook... like Dirty Dancing and Ghost. 

What Superhero or Supervillian would she be?
Wonder Woman. It's actually her Facebook profile picture. 

Where are you most likely to find her on a Saturday afternoon?
The Red Rooster. 

Who is her celebrity crush?
I'm going with Patrick Swayze. She likes a lot of his movies... on Facebook.