Kristin Chaney, Associate Producer

As written by: Roy Pearson, Video Editor

What would her last meal be?
She'd speed eat a Chipotle burrito bowl, with tortilla on the side.

What one album would she like to have on a deserted island?
No preference, as long as it’s a karaoke version. She secretly has a great singing voice!

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you met?
Kristin is tall and striking. And she could beat me up if she wanted to (but she doesn’t want to).

What does she add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
Kristin is a former Division 1 scholarship volleyball player. Without her we would never win a single volleyball game, or even know how to play. That’s not just because she’s a strong athlete, but because she has real leadership ability. It’s an ability that shines through in her work at the agency.

Where are you most likely to find her on a Saturday afternoon?
Playing with her daughter. Or at the golf course after brunch, if she has the time. She likes to keep busy.

What is her favorite quote?
“Let’s do this.”

Besides her cellphone, what is one thing she never leaves home without?
A good book. She loves fantasy novels like Game of Thrones and devours them at a rapid pace.