MetLife Stadium: Bringing the Irish Pub Experience to a Legion of Sports Fans

In 2013, Pernod Ricard approached us with a unique opportunity to promote their Irish whiskey brands — Jameson, Paddy and Power’s — by creating a bar at MetLife Stadium.

Our solution: The Bow Street Irish Whiskey Bar.

Pernod Ricard’s Irish whiskey brands now preside over the coolest, most inviting watering hole at the stadium. Fans now have a place to warm up over a glass or two during late-season football games. Or to commiserate when things inevitably go wrong for the Jets. 

We worked with architects to custom design the bar for the space


The details of the back bar were inspired by renowned bars worldwide

We designed branding elements and signage throughout the bar

We transformed the raw industrial space through utilizing materials such as stone and wood and lowering the lighting

Our original concept drawing and the final bar exterior

Our original concept drawing and the final bar interior