Michael McNamara, Director of Strategy

As written by: Jessica Feldman, Director Of New Business

What would his last meal be?
Lobster, lobster and more lobster.

What was the first thing you noticed about him when you met him?
His smile and his thoughtfulness. He’s an easy person to talk to because he is such a good listener. He understands people and their idiosyncrasies better than most.

What does he add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
Mike is always thinking about how the agency is developing. He works hard to ensure that Phear is cultivating the most unique, ownable – and most importantly – fun culture.

What is his favorite place to visit?
Copenhagen – Mike lived in Copenhagen for many years and often goes back to share the place and his adventures with his family.

What is one interesting thing about his childhood?
Mike has a bit of a rebellious side which has shaped who he is today; always standing up for what he truly believes in and being an extremely hard worker.

Outside of work, what experience shaped who he has become?
Mike having a daughter has changed him. He loves Molly so much, she really brings out his sweet and childish side.

Finish this sentence: He has a tendency to....
Think too much. 

What is the most surprising thing about him?
That he is a fisherman that has a fear of drowning and doesn’t eat fish (except for lobster of course).