Noelle Mulholland, Account Executive

As written by: Julia Ruzyllo, Senior Account Director

What was the first thing you noticed about her when you met?
First I thought, “what a sweet little thing.” Then I thought, “whoa, feisty.”

What does she add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
She challenges us with fresh perspectives and her fearless “tell it like it is” approach.

If she could be a character in any book or movie, what would it be and who would she be?
Penny Lane from Almost Famous (minus the whole groupie thing).

What album would she like to have on a deserted island? 
Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

What is her one rule for life?
Don’t waste her time and she won’t waste yours.

Outside of work, what experience shaped who she has become?
Her upbringing means that she has a mix of Long Island grittiness and Texas sweetness.

Finish this sentence: She has a tendency to....
Make you feel immature even though you’re nearly a decade older than she is.

If she could live in any era or point in time, what would it be and briefly why?
The early 1970s. It's the era that matches her free spirit.