What media outlet hasn't called President Obama a cutting edge marketing genius (besides Fox News of course)?  Using the right platforms to engage his fan base, win the presidency and promote his agenda, President Obama was the first politician to speak to his youthful supporters where they lived: online.  

We had a chance to help get out the vote when we received a call from in the final weeks leading up to his first election. was looking to create customizable video content that would capture the attention of those who hadn’t fully committed to voting on election day or believed that their vote wouldn’t count.  

Featuring a cutting-edge (at the time) personalization feature designed to jokingly accuse “you" of being the sole person responsible for President Obama losing the election, the video was a hit.  Receiving over 20 million views in the week leading up to the election, The Huffington Post called our campaign, “The best viral campaign of all time”. 

You’re welcome, Mr. President.