Ricardo Burneo, art director

As written by: Dan Asulin, Senior Copywriter

What does he/she add to Phear Creative's agency culture better?

Ricardo brings a ridiculous level of excitement and energy to everything he does. It’s infectious. And I believe it makes everyone around him want to do better work and be a better human. Ricardo is a beacon of positive energy.

If she/he could be a character in any book or movie, what would it be and who would they be?

I don’t know that Ricardo could be more of a character than he already is.

Who has been the biggest influence on them? Who do they look up to as a role model?

Ricardo is the kind of person who’s constantly being influenced by whatever he consumes. His worldview is a combination of all the literature, philosophy and art the world has to offer, and it’s what makes talking to him so interesting.

What Superhero or Supervillian would they be?

His Instagram handle is @RicardoNaut, so I’m assuming he’d be some kind of space hero. Or space villain. Photography would somehow be involved. I’d go on, but to be honest, I think I could sell this movie.

Finish this sentence: She/he has a tendency to....

Break into dance at random, yet perfectly timed moments.

If he/she weren't doing this, you'd probably find them?

Lying in a pile of philosophy textbooks, half-shaven, half-drunk, contemplating the meaning of life.