William Goodman, Creative Director

As written by: Sean Curran, Junior Art Director

What does he add to make Phear Creative's agency culture better?
He brings a calm, collected, and focused attitude to the table. He likes to slow it down, think about it and organize in order to execute a creative idea at the highest level. It's a refreshing approach to the advertising world.  

Outside of work, what experience shaped who he has become?
He has been traveling ever since he was young. His father was a pilot, which gave him the opportunity to see the world when most kids were just kicking a soccer ball around the back yard. 

What makes him happy?
Steak and potatoes covered in gravy, fresh snow and majestic mountains, magazines and the New York Times, sailboats, vintage Land Cruisers, books about history, live music, and constructive political discourse. You know, the simple things. 

What is his one rule for life?
Always tell the truth, no matter how much damage it inflicts. 

What are some things he's done worth mentioning?
He's written for the likes of Rolling Stone and SPIN, and worked as the editorial director for Amazon.com's music division. He double majored in advertising and journalism at Washington State University's Edward R. Murrow School of Communication and spent a year studying abroad in Ireland. He once hiked 10 days and 110 miles around Mt. Rainier on the legendary Wonderland Trail, and sailed from New York City through a storm to Newport Folk Festival. 

What is one interesting thing about his childhood?
He grew up on a lake in the Pacific Northwest, which certainly set the tone for his imperturbable attitude. 

Where are you most likely to find him on a Saturday afternoon?
Hiking, swimming, sailing, lounging in a park, chatting in a bar, exploring a museum, walking through the city, and generally exercising his lust for life.

Who is his celebrity crush?
Jessica Chastain. She's his type, for sure. 

What's in his closet that he is most proud of?
His grandfather's Pendleton ranch jacket. It looks so damn warm. It's the most PNW thing about him.